Mt. Baldy, Ice House Trial

On my visit back to Southern California, I had to hit up one of my absolute favorite trails on Mt. Badly, the Ice House Trail. This trail is roughly 4 miles long one way and takes most of the day. On this visit, time was limited ,so we just strayed from the main trail and hiked along the stream. Usually on this trail hikers follow the main Ice House trail or one of the main, off shoot trails that are about one quarter of the way up the main trail. On this trail you have to buy an Adventure pass , put out by the National Park Service, to park at the trail head or along any trail head on Mt. Baldy.

This trail used to have many off the grid cabins that were built decades ago. These cabins used to be home to some of the residents of the mountain. Today there are only broken foundations and lone standing fires places. the further up the trail you go ,you can find some houses that are partially destroyed to completely habitable. This trail is one that you should train and prepare for. many hikers bring day backpacks and hiking pole , as they expect to be on the mountain for most of the day. My favorite point on this trail is about an hours ways up , and the stream of water that continuously runs down the mountain , runs through the trail. This part of the trail is so peaceful with the trickling water and the redwoods that line the trail.

On this visit we didn’t have time to make it to the very top, but no matter whether you was to simply explore or go for the finish, you can find many things to explore an see along the trail. Especially this time of year, there is lots of snow that you can play in. Next time I visit this trail, I and going to plan on hiking all the way to the Ice house cabin at the top.

Featured Images by: Aimee Ross-Tupper


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